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Fighting Tournament Audition 2 by Lazarus-Firenze
Fighting Tournament Audition 2
Sorry if its a little scrappy and without shading. I tried to get it done early but life got in the way.

A little explanation: Aether shielding is a highly experimental technology that functions of a user's bio electricity and backed up by small fusion batteries in implants. It creates highly charged plasma fields that can be manipulated like solids or liquid, dependent on what the user wishes to have a the time. This allows the user to use it like a spring board in mid air, or push their punches or kicks to be harder than ever, or even create blades from nothing. It can also be overcharged into a singular high powered energy blast. That being said, over usage can drain a user's strength pretty sharpish. Isabelle has had years of training and cybernetic upgrades to handle it better, but even she is vulnerable. Ferri is also equipped with an Aether emitter, yet it will only be active when the pilot is jacked into the seat.

Im also planning on doing some filler strips maybe between rounds so it should be fun.

Spot the Kill la Kill ref shot!
Fighting Tournament Ref Sheet - Isabelle Kerasi by Lazarus-Firenze
Fighting Tournament Ref Sheet - Isabelle Kerasi

Isabelle Kerasi
--Age: 26
--Gender: Female
--Height: 5'10''
--Weight: 80kg
--Species: Human (augmented)
--Occupation: Mercenary
--Weapons/Abilities: Olympic level fitness enhanced with a strengthened skeleton, faster reflexes, augmented senses and neural uplink capabilities. Is also equipped with a sub dermal armour in her forearms and shins that also house an Aether shield. Carries two 30 round pulse repeater sidearms, and a pair of carbon-titanium woven high frequency blades about the length of a person’s arm (retractable into the hilt at will). Resourceful and a dirty and efficient fighter. Has experience with spy work and banditry.
--Strengths: Experienced for her age, a good leader if niave, skilled pilot (mech and other transportation) and a born fighter.
--Weaknesses: Headstrong and arrogant enough to take on anyone, although usually will regret it after her brain catches up with her mouth. Has a big mouth, insults/banters a lot. Can be very cold and calculating when she wants to be, to the point of being completely ruthless.
--Likes: Music, training, city life, mechanical work
--Dislikes: Pretty much everyone who she doesn’t trust (a hard thing to gain), stupid mistakes (which she makes enough of), losing.
 --Personality:  Current CEO and leader of the Kerasi Mercenary company, as well as a member of the Cydonian Knights. She is brash, intelligent, athletic, and sometimes a little naive after being thrust into the position after the death of her uncle, Reese Kerasi. Occasionally a little reckless if she is caught up in the moment (this has led to multiple breakdowns with contractors before, and given her a criminal record in some cities), she is rather cold and calculating once on a mission, the end objective her only goal.

Ferri Angeli
--Age: N/A
--Gender: N/A (male voice)
--Height: 40'3"
--Weight: 18,000kg
--Species: Artificial Intelligence
--Occupation: N/A
--Weapons/Abilities: Two retractable forearm mounted swords (capable of slicing through 4 meters of solid iron), two twin barrelled 60mm autocannons mounted on forearms, Heavy grade Aether shield, rear mounted booster pack for dodging, capable of lifting twice own weight without much strain on the frame, neural uplink connection to pilot through helmet and/or neck and body plugs. Can operate independently of pilot, although is not as capable.
--Strengths: Its a f***ing mech dude
--Weaknesses: Once again, its a f***ing mech
--Likes: Pissing off Isabelle
--Dislikes: Shutting down for maintenance
 --Personality: Highly tactical and forthright when it comes to combat, no-nonsense. When it comes to less high paced matters, can be a little bit annoying....



Ben Gregory
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United Kingdom
Computer Games Arts student hoping to specialize in mechanical design.

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