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So the OCT Im taking part in has some sweet as hell characters. So I thought about finding a theme song to fit them all.

Riley and Dez: [link] (Belongs to SpunkyTruffles)
Raine: [link] (Belongs to FuyusFox)
Isabelle: [link] (Belongs to moi)
Ferri:… (belongs to moi)
Shar: [link] (Belongs to Reversed-Motives)
Rorie: [link] (Belongs to SummaBadger)
Wryn and Kern: [link] (Belongs to Spirogs)
Rob: [link] (Belongs to FireballDragon)
Kat: [link] (Belongs to SpectrumElf)
Moon: [link] (Belongs to LotsOfMoon)
Sergio: [link] (Belongs to GatlingFun)
Tsuki: [Still finding one] (Belongs to Mr-M7)
Lina and Apaco: [Still finding one] (Belongs to party-governor)
Baqir and Lita:… (Belongs to Anazen [ref2] )
Alex and Kiryu: [Still finding one] (Belongs to Blaze150 and DigiDayDreamer)
More as I find stuff :P
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Fighting Tournament L-Bracket - Round 2 - Rob - P1 by Lazarus-Firenze
Fighting Tournament L-Bracket - Round 2 - Rob - P1
Sorry that this is sketches rather than a full on coloured masterpiece. I had to work on a dissertation first draft hand in and also started my brand new job, so Havent had that much time ^^ Hopefully I can get part 2-3 done tomorrow.
Isabelle upgrades sketch by Lazarus-Firenze
Isabelle upgrades sketch
Using this sketch as a base for a painting im gonna do. Decided to show you guys the upgrades she is getting for rd 2 of the fighting tourney
Fighting Tournament Audition 2 by Lazarus-Firenze
Fighting Tournament Audition 2
Sorry if its a little scrappy and without shading. I tried to get it done early but life got in the way.

A little explanation: Aether shielding is a highly experimental technology that functions of a user's bio electricity and backed up by small fusion batteries in implants. It creates highly charged plasma fields that can be manipulated like solids or liquid, dependent on what the user wishes to have a the time. This allows the user to use it like a spring board in mid air, or push their punches or kicks to be harder than ever, or even create blades from nothing. It can also be overcharged into a singular high powered energy blast. That being said, over usage can drain a user's strength pretty sharpish. Isabelle has had years of training and cybernetic upgrades to handle it better, but even she is vulnerable. Ferri is also equipped with an Aether emitter, yet it will only be active when the pilot is jacked into the seat.

Im also planning on doing some filler strips maybe between rounds so it should be fun.

Spot the Kill la Kill ref shot!


Ben Gregory
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Computer Games Arts student hoping to specialize in mechanical design.

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